Can This Simple WordPress Plugin Explode Your Email List?

wanted to share this Popup Domination review with everyone, as from my testing and thousands of others that have used it, have seen the first
WordPress Plugin that has increased subscribers from 100% up to 1500%. It could also help you increase traffic and your list of subs as well. Popup Domination
has been around a few years now, and the Developers have made big improvements and fixed bugs along the way. I will be providing an overview of the Plugin and you
will be able to see yourself how simple it is to implement and test for yourself to see if you gain a marketing and increase your list.

Having a mailing list is critical and can be very easy to set up. It is also , as most everyone has heard where the money is. Ask any Guru or big marketer and they will say the money is in the list. What I like about this Plugin is that you can set the time that it “pops up” on a page, and for how long. This in itself can capture many more subscribers than a traditional web capture form. With an ever increasing mailing list, what will the do for your profits?

Here is the simple setup process. When you have uploaded the plugin, you need to click PopUp Domination
on the left side below Settings and you will see a
Popup page and in the top right that it is turned off and
that you need to activate it once you have added the settings you want.
Also across the top are the links to different pages in the
plugin and down the left side are all the styling options.

How to Add your Webform With Popup Domination

The next step is to add your desired text you want shown in the lightbox. You can completely customize this area from the title to the text you see on the submit button. On the theme I set up my
lightbox with the option to add an image so I uploaded an image I liked. I saw this increase conversions further and by quite a bit. If you want to get a well designed
eCover, eCover Creator 3D tool is always a good choice, or simply do your own design if you have that skill set.

I hope after seeing this Popup Domination review you can see how simple it really is to create a great looking Popup webform to help you suck in more subscribers and grow your list and sales.

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