Why Leased Ad Space?

As a Leased Ad Space member you instantly reach more visitors online, and dramatically increase your daily website traffic using our advanced viral traffic system. Every single person or business trying to make money online needs website traffic. Don’t waste your precious time bidding on keywords or hunting down traffic sites that only deliver junk traffic.

Our system is simple, fast, and effective. For one flat rate, your ads are delivered to high quality visitors on thousands of pages all across the internet.

LeasedAdSpace.Com – Product: Advertising

Cost: $7, one-time gets you started

Payment methods: Payza, SolidTrust Pay, and Bitcoin

Matrix: 8×7

Potential Earnings: You make 100% commissions off of 7 different levels of traffic packages sales directly paid to you ($7-$147)

Product and Compensation Plan Details
This is a relatively new but very good program with trusted owners.

It only takes $7 to get started. For that small amount, you get great advertising for your business. This site is a rapidly growing site that gives consistent results from its advertising.

There are 7 levels of traffic packages you can purchase. Every package gives you more advertising AND qualifies you to receive 100% direct commissions on that same traffic package. So you are qualified to earn commissions up to the level you have purchased yourself.

Example: You purchase the 1st level package. Someone on your 1st level purchases the 1st level package… this payment will go directly to you, because you own the 1st level package and are therefore qualified to sell this same package.

Now let’s say someone on your 2nd level purchases the 2nd level package, but you have not purchased the 2nd level package yet. You are not qualified to earn on the 2nd level package, so his/her payment will go to the first person above you that IS qualified.

All traffic packages are one-time purchases, not monthly.

The first advertising package (for just $7 one-time) gives you:
8,000 banner impressions
4,000 text ad impressions
1 solo email to all members EVERY 28 days
1 permanent text ad in their classified ads directory

So you get a monthly solo ad for only a one-time payment of $7! That’s worth it even if you never refer anyone!

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