Here is what members in the The Downliner Machine are saying…

Martin Payling:
Hi guys, Jay has added yet another awesome feature to The Downliner. The new feature goes by the name of “TDL Referral Machine” and can be accessed via the BIG GREEN BUTTON in the TDL members area, you can’t miss it.. Click the button and get involved!

The program TDL currently has in the Referral Machine pool is, All In One Profits. AIOP is the perfect program for the TDL Machine. The pass up system AIOP uses works perfectly for the TDL machine. Plus the AIOP payplan really is amazing.

In just over 4 days the The Downliner Machine or AIOP Machine has brought in 97 new AIOP referrals for TDL Machine pool members. That’s incredible! As TDL grows so will the TDL Machine. Already well over 8K members in TDL and only 1.21% of members have joined the TDL Machine at this point. You do not need to be an upgraded TDL member to take part in The Machine! So why not click the Big Green Button and get involved..

My Stats so far from the TDL Referral Machine are 11 total paid downline members into AIOP. $149.00 earned so far residual commissions. WoW!!

Gasmy Zamor:
That’s magic, i already referred 3 people at AIOP only 14 hours after i joined TDL referral machine. the second one is passed up to my upline, i keep the third one, i hope i will get a new one in the next 24 hours. Men i am so excited, thanks TDL Referral Machine!

Florence Robertson:
Hey everyone – you really need to click that big GREEN button in the middle of the screen – sign up and take an upgrade in AIOP – while you are promoting other sites with The Downliner, you can be building a new business with AIOP. AIOP allows multiply accounts. I now have three and they all pay me monthly residual income and help me keep my online business organized. I also recommend that you use your AIOP hosting account to start a blog about your online activities, this really helps to get you lots of referrals. Do not miss out!

Now you learned from real members that The Downliner a website owned by Jay Carey has turned into a totally awesome referral machine for All In One Profits!

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