Crazy About Banners

A Great LIFETIME Banners Program has just launched and you have a chance to grab best positioning NOW!

Product: advertising.

Cost: $20 one-time.

Payment methods: Payza and SolidTrust Pay.

Matrix: 2×20

2x Matrices provide the most potential spillover of any forced matrix and a 20 Deep Matrix means you can earn
MASSIVE Amounts with just a small one time, lifetime purchase.

Potential Earnings: Matrix, $1,000,006.09 + $10 sponsorship bonus for every direct referral.

Product Details.

2 lifetime banner ads
2 lifetime text ads
1,000 full page log in ad views

Some people call banner and text ads passive advertising. We call it very good advertising. To say you have too much advertising is like saying
you have too much money. In this business, advertising keeps us in business. Banners and text ads have been a consistent source of traffic for a long time.

Compensation Plan Details.

You earn on everyone in your matrix, 20 levels down, whether you referred them or your upline or downline did.

You receive a $10 sponsorship bonus for every direct referral.

Crazy About Banners gives you the opportunity to earn your initial investment back very quickly and to continue to earn long after that.

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